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The History of Arigiò

Arigiò jewels are for those who have skies to draw, clouds to interpret.
The possibility of a wide and sophisticated choice, the service of high professionalism complete a wonderful relationship, now decennial, between Arigiò and its customers.

In 1976 ARIMONDO GIOIELLI opened his jewel production laboratory in Imperia.
Thanks to his inspiration in designing and producing jewelry, not only new but also very well cared for, the company has a progressive development. In 1981 he opened a second laboratory-showroom in the central Via XX Settembre in Genoa. Here for the first time JEWELS are branded with the abbreviation of the surname and name of its creator, (at the same time GIO is also the beginning of GIOIELLO) that is ARIGIO'.
From a few pieces made in a single specimen is passed gradually to a production of small series, always strictly handmade with research and attention to detail and obsessive attention to the setting of stones. The union of the highest values of craftsmanship with the stylistic and innovative inspiration, first of its founder, now of a staff of collaborators-artists makes Arigiò Jewels desirable and unmistakable. In 1989 the first store was opened for those who know how to choose the best at the right price.
Today our jewels are produced and distributed by Formula Group for the Game of Life, to describe and represent the feelings, to remember with joy the most important moments of our existence, but also to emphasize with grace and a bit of irony the mood of everyday life.
Often the word "Jewel" is overused, used inappropriately. Jewel should only be defined as that which is produced with the best precious or semi-precious materials that one has decided to use, with the best possible craftsmanship and which has an artistic content.
Feelings exist only if they can be demonstrated and described. Nothing is better than a flower, a jewel, a word. That's why these pages are only for few people. Arigiò deals with jewels, but not only; it suggests dreams, ambitions, subtle temptations for those who have the privilege to appreciate them. PerPer will make you and your loved ones smile with its amusing proposals that are accurate but very affordable, to be worn every time the important jewel is out of place. 


Why online?

This site is dedicated to all those who are looking for quality and artistic content of an object made of precious material, or want to own or donate a real Jewel.
Often you do not know who to turn to, who to trust to receive attention and see their desires satisfied, their needs in the field of Jewelry.
Jewels are an integral part of our culture. They tell us about ancient civilizations, they tell us about man, about his feelings, they evoke places, faces, passions. With their styles they date our lives, they remind us of life habits.
Jewelry speaks of us from the past and into the future.
Jewels are among the few magical objects that remain to us. With enchantment, astonishment, joy, they demonstrate our vital force, our love beyond their value and their ability to adorn.


How is a jewel born?
From the strength of fire, hammer and ingenuity comes the Jewel. It is born in the mind of the designer, takes shape in his drawings and body under the hands of the modeler: a skilled goldsmith who knows how to interpret the curves and thicknesses.
A Jewel is such thanks to the balance of proportions, to the wise mixing of gold colors, from the combination with precious stones to the simple matching of hard stones.
The Jewel is intuition, interpretation, Soul and Life.

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